Advanced Construction Technology 4th Edition


Since the previous edition, reprint opportunities have permitted some amendments.

These have included new procedures, relative to legislative and practice changes.

This revised edition develops these further, with greater attention to information

and detail. It also incorporates more recent issues, especially aspects of the Building

Regulations that require buildings to be designed and constructed to higher energy-

efficient standards. The responsibilities on building designers and owners with

regard to human rights are considered in a new chapter outlining the facilities

required for the convenience of the less able using buildings other than dwellings.

Notwithstanding contemporary requirements, the book’s established

construction principles are retained. These provide a useful reference to existing

building stock, and, where appropriate, modifications are included to illustrate

ongoing change.

Advanced Construction Technology is a development of the relatively elementary

construction detailed in the associated volume, Construction Technology. This

volume augments the associated volume with further topics relating to domestic

buildings and lightweight-framed structures, in addition to concentrating primarily

on complex and specialised forms of construction.

It is designed to supplement a student’s lecture notes, projects and research

assignments as well as to provide a valuable professional reference. It also

complements the associated subjects of science, mathematics, materials technology,

design procedures, structural analysis, structural design, services, quantity

surveying, facilities management and management studies, and is therefore

appropriate for most undergraduate and higher-level construction study